Friday, June 24, 2011

Tomorrow is a New Day

Every day is a new day. That means we have an opportunity to start over or have a fresh beginning every morning. If you have been eating healthy, exercising, reading consistently, or whatever it is that you're doing to advance yourself and you get off track one day, get right back on it the next! Try to not get so behind and discouraged about messing up that you end up giving in completely.
I know for me, if I get off track with something that I've been working on like practicing piano, I try really hard to get right back to it the next day because I know that every day is a new beginning and I don't have to let myself fall behind.
Life does get busy and I do realize that there are seasons that are more chaotic than others, but you should not let your life get too busy that you stop taking care of yourself. But it is good and necessary to reward yourself after working so hard towards a goal. It’s ok to splurge everyone once and a while, but not all the time, just sometimes.
Confidence Boost:
- Today is a new day and tomorrow will be too. How wonderful!! So if you messed up today, get right back on track tomorrow. Your self-esteem will only get stronger the more you make yourself stay diligent. You're worth it!
Work What Your Momma Gave You,


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout for Your Mood, Not Just for Your Waistline

Some people really enjoy working out, but a lot of people cannot stand it. Instead of going to the gym just to get a good body, workout to release some good mood chemicals called endorphins.
Something that has helped me change my attitude about exercising is working out for my mood, rather than the way I look physically. When I changed the way I thought about working out, it helped me to really enjoy the hard work.
            It’s not like you’re going to wake up tomorrow and all of a sudden love to workout, but it is a daily decision to change the way you think about taking care of your body. Working out is not always convenient and you’re not always going to feel like exercising, but it IS worth making yourself because your mood will change for the good! Get out of bed and do something good for yourself!
            Try to not get so busy that you have no time to work on yourself. You are actually hindering your progress by not taking care of yourself, so get up and workout and help your mood. Oh yeah, and another plus is your body will start looking better too.
            Also, surround yourself with people who also like to eat healthy and exercise. I have a workout partner and she really helps me to stay motivated. I know my little bro has a bunch of friends like Ryan, Micah, Spence, Elliott, and Colin who really help him stay active. Who are your people?
Confidence Boost:
- Become a comfort exerciser rather than a comfort eater. Instead of reaching for the box of cookies, go run/walk or whatever you can to get your blood pumping and really give it everything you’ve got! Comfort eating turns into a disaster and creates more problems, but exercising is the way to go. It’s for your body, spirit, soul, and MOOD! 
Work What Your Momma Gave You, 

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Romantic Day Trip

The adventure started at 5:15 am February 19th...

Steve surprised me with two airplane tickets to Chicago.
On our first airplane ride just the two of us. It was so exciting! 
In our taxi on the way to the "Silver Bean"statue. 
In front of The Art Institute of Chicago right before I said, "YES"!
Right after we got engaged!!!!!! 
Our first breakfast together as an engaged couple.
Reenactment of when I said, "YES"! 
My wonderful ring that he picked out by himself. It is perfect for me.

Wow, day trips are exhausting, but so worth it! Here we are on our way back home February 19th at about 7:oo pm. Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Kowalik September 10th, 2011.
Work What Your Momma Gave You,